The Dark Skies Above Us

The Dark Skies Above Us

Τετάρτη, 7 Νοεμβρίου 2018

[EN] Taake: nazi scum out from our cities - death to fascism!

Norwegian band Taake is touring Italy and will play in Rome on the 7th of November, the 8th in Bari, the 9th in Bologna and the 10th in Vercelli. They already played on the 19th of October in Milan.

This black metal band time after time became famous for many terrible actions¹: in Germany, in 2007, their singer Hoest (mastermind of the project) went on the stage with a svastika painted on his chest. Hoest answered to the scandal that followed saying that: "we are not nazis, it was a provocation" followed by "that subhuman" of the organizer "could make a blowjob to a muslim" since he interrupted the gig. 
More recently Hoest went on the stage of various gigs with a shirt showing a sign of ban upon the islamic moon and star.

Orkan, a song from 2011², contains a message that tells to Mohamed and all the muslims to go to hell. In the same song they speak about christianity as a dishonour, something that would have weakened "our pagan people", following the genre cliché. This ridicolous super partes attitude get betrayed after a few seconds, since Hoest says that the European people are a compact block of sleeping pagans that has to free itself of the christianity just to prepare a defence against invasion "for it smoulders in after wartimes" coming from another people, the oriental and muslim people. The West has to "sharp again the axes" because the winter sun rises from the West for the "pigs that burn our flag": "Iron against iron, Norway wake up soon"

That feeling when "non-nazis" wave the Norway flag while promoting the ethnic war.

Since when it rains, it pours, in 2015 the members of Young and in the Way, a band in tour with Taake, got accused by three people of sexual assault³ and got banned by various festivals. One of the victims wrote to Hoest asking him to reconsider their collaboration with the rapists during the tour. His answer was: "We don't care, keep this drama off the internet". YaitW disbanded shortly after since they cannot manage the scandal. 

Behind the Italian tour, other than Nighttime Production, we have a local label: Nihil Production, always on the first line organizing NSBM events. It promoted different editions of the "Black winter fest" (that will be in Parma again on the 1st of December) as well as the "Hammer of the Gods", a festival that hosted various clearly fascist or greyzone bands, like Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum, Satanic Warmaster and Ad Hominem.

We, black metal listeners, want the gigs and the places of our city to not welcome the racist, sexist and fascist scum. We want, on the contrary, this scum to not be able to find spaces and the musical scene to be welcoming to any ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
Places like Traffic in Rome, Alchemica in Bologna, Demodé in Bari and Officine Sonore in Vercelli, have to take on their responsibility to know which kind of bands and people are hosting.
In the same way the supporting bands like Enisum, Selvans, Dewfall and Kyterion won't be able to difend themselves under the flag of the "music is just music" slogan. If you play with mysoginist, racist and nazis people, you are collaborating with them.

In 2018 a mobilitation in North America led to a cancellation of the whole Taake U.S.A. tour, showing that it's possible to move against the nazis that are pesting the scene and to win against them.

Take TAAKE out of our cities

Death to fascism!

Σάββατο, 3 Νοεμβρίου 2018

[IT] Fuori i TAAKE dalle nostre città - Morte al fascismo!

[scarica questo contenuto in PDF per la stampa]

La band norvegese Taake è in tour in Italia e suonerà il 7 novembre a Roma, l'8 a Bari, il 9 a Bologna ed il 10 a Vercelli, dopo la data del 19 ottobre a Milano.

Questa band black metal nel tempo si è resa famosa per varie iniziative disgustose¹: in Germania nel 2007 il cantante Hoest (mente del progetto) si è presentato sul palco con una svastica dipinta sul petto; allo scandalo che ne è conseguito, Hoest ha risposto dicendo: "noi non siamo nazisti, era una provocazione" per poi aggiungere che "quel subumano" dell'organizzatore dell'evento "poteva fare un pompino a un mussulmano" dal momento che costui aveva interrotto il concerto.
Più recentemente Hoest si è presentato a più concerti con una maglia che mostra la luna e la stella islamiche barrate.

Orkan, un brano del 2011², contiene un passaggio in cui invita Maometto e i mussulmani ad andare all'inferno. Nello stesso brano si riferiscono alla cristianità come a un disonore che avrebbe indebolito "i nostri popoli pagani", come da luogo comune del genere. Questa farsesca aria super partes viene tradita nel giro di pochi secondi, dato che per Hoest i popoli europei sarebbero un blocco compatto di pagani dormienti che deve scrollarsi la cristianità di dosso per difendersi dall'invasione "covata dopo i tempi di guerra" di un altro popolo, quello orientale e mussulmano. L'occidente deve "affilare di nuovo le asce", perché il sole d'inverno sorge ad ovest per i "maiali che bruciano la nostra bandiera": "Ferro contro ferro Norvegia svegliati presto".

Strano vedere sventolare la bandiera norvegese da “non nazisti” che invocano la guerra etnica.

Per aggiungere schifo allo schifo nel 2015 i membri di "Young and in the Way", una band in tour con i Taake, sono stati accusati da 3 persone diviolenza sessuale³ e la loro presenza esclusa da vari festival. Una delle vittime ha scritto ad Hoest chiedendogli di riconsiderare la lorocollaborazione nel tour⁴. La sua risposta: “non ce ne frega un cazzo, tieni queste stronzate fuori da Internet". La band incriminata si è successivamente sciolta, travolta dallo scandalo.

Ad organizzare il concerto, oltre alla Nighttime Production, abbiamo un'etichetta nostrana: la Nihil Production, da sempre in prima linea nel proporre eventi legati all'NSBM (national-socialist black metal). Si è fatta promotrice di varie edizioni del «Black Winter Fest» (che ritornerà il primo dicembre a Parma) e dell’«Hammer of the Gods», festival che hanno visto la partecipazione di band conclamatamente fasciste o ambigue, quali Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum, Satanic Warmaster, Ad Hominem.

Noi che ascoltiamo black metal vogliamo che i concerti e i locali nelle nostre città non accolgano la feccia razzista, sessista e fascista. Desideriamo al contrario che i bigotti non trovino spazi e che la scena musicale accolga le persone di qualsiasi etnia e le persone di qualsiasi genere e orientamento sessuale.
I locali quali il Traffic di Roma, l'Alchemica di Bologna, il Demodé di Bari e le Officine Sonore di Vercelli devono assumersi la responsabilità di sapere a che genere di band e persone stanno dando spazio.
Allo stesso modo le band di spalla quali Enisum, Selvans, Dewfall e Kyterion non potranno difendersi dietro alla bandiera de "la musica è solo musica": se suonate con dei misogini razzisti e nazisti, state collaborando con loro.

Nel 2018 una mobilitazione in Nordamerica ha prodotto la cancellazione⁵ dell'intero tour statunitense dei Taake, a dimostrazione del fatto che muovere contro i nazi che appestano la scena e vincere è possibile.

[scarica questo contenuto in PDF per la stampa]

Fuori i TAAKE dalle nostre città

Morte al fascismo!

Τετάρτη, 7 Μαρτίου 2018

It's time to bring things to a close

Three years passed since what we call "The Dark Skies Above Us Collective" got this name.
At beginning everything seemed great, benefits gone well and there was also a show.
Finally we released a fanzine.
Support this project, print it and share it everywhere.

Special thanks goes to: M., S., L., and every person who did something or simply joined the koll.

Special mention goes to everyone who still struggle against nazis shit:
Rete Antifascista Brescia


Rabm blogspot

Fuck peste noire

Action Antifa 74

This is not a farewell. We will never give up.


Τρίτη, 14 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Sacred Son - Opinion

Η πιο πολυσυζητημένη κυκλοφορία φέτος του Black Metal  δεν θα μπορούσε να περάσει απαρατήρητη.
Κακά τα ψέματα το Black Metal έχει καθιερωθεί στην συλλογική συνείδηση του μουσικού κόσμου . Αυτό δεν είναι απαραίτητα κακό . Δεν είμαστε πια οι έφηβοι βλάκες , ούτε οι σκληροί μάγκες που σφάζουν κοκόρια. Πλέον το είδος βγάζει πρωτοποριακές κυκλοφορίες και μαζικά. Η μουσική βιομηχανία επίσης ,δεν είναι ηλίθια και ξέρει  ότι ο μεταλάς είναι βαθύτατα  ρομαντικός. Είτε μιλάμε για τον true fan ή και ακόμα τους περαστικούς εφήβους που αντιμετωπίζουν το μεταλ σαν ορμονική ακμή.
Η περιπτώσεις με διχογνωμίες είναι σαν αυτές του Sacred Son που βρίσκονται στο μεταίχμιο.
Οι – O Sacred Son παίζει αξιοπρεπέστατα μουσική με ένα εξώφυλλο το οποίο θα μπορούσε να είναι από διακοπές σε κάποιο ελληνικό νησί .Είναι one hit wonderer και πέσαμε στην παγίδα του?  Κόλπο για να υπογράψει σε μια μεγαλύτερη δισκογραφική? Είναι πολλά έτη μπροστά?

Δεν μπορούν να απαντηθούν όλα. Σίγουρα οι μεγαλοκοπέλες που θεωρούν φλώρο κάποιον από το attitude  μπορούν να πάρουν μια χρονοκάψουλα και να έρθουν στο 17’.  Επίσης, αν κάποιος τα κάνει όλα αυτά για να προωθηθεί στον κύκλο δεν το βρίσκω κακούργημα. Οι δισκογραφικές χρόνια έχουν μαδήσει τον κάθε μικρό καλλιτέχνη και είναι ευκαιρία να πάρουμε ότι μπορούμε (πλέον θα τα σκάτε καθίκια).  Στο μόνο που ίσως μου είναι λίγο αλλότριο είναι το εικαστικό του πράγματος  και εξηγούμαι :
Θυμάμαι ότι ένας λόγος που αγάπησα το BM ήταν η θεατρικότητα του. Ναι, μου άρεσε το corpse paint (και δεν με ξενίζει ούτε τώρα) , μου αρέσαν και οι μανδύες και οι φλεγόμενες πεντάλφες. Επίσης πάντα είχα ένα κρυμμένο επιχείρημα στην φαρέτρα μου όταν στα late 90’ όταν τσακωνόμουν με αλλόθρησκα μουσικά τύπους  (μιλάμε για πόλωση) : « Θα μπορούσες να φοράς μπλούζα  την μούρη του τάδε σκυλά ή του δείνα ράπερ?» . Η απάντηση ήταν αρνητική. Το ίδιο συμβαίνει αντίστροφα με την περίπτωση του Sacred Son , συγγνώμη αλλά δεν θα φορούσα ούτε σε patch ούτε σε τίποτα την μούρη Dane Cross  όσο καλός μουσικός και να είναι. Όχι, δεν είναι έφυες εξώφυλλο (δεν μιλάω για την εμπορικότητα ) το έχουν κάνει και πολλοί άλλοι . Ωστόσο ,θα άκουγα με ενδιαφέρον την μουσική του γιατί αυτό μετράει. Αλλά τελικά έχει και τόση σημασία η γνώμη μου?

Το βασικό είναι ένα: ότι το πρόσημο είναι θετικό. Είναι καλό να τραντάζεται ο βάλτος ακόμα και με πέτρες . Να βγαίνουν τα κόμπλεξ της κοινότητας στην επιφάνεια και να ξαναβυθίζονται . Πιο πολλοί άνθρωποι έρχονται στην «φάση» μας , κάνουν τα όνειρα  τους  και ζούνε  από αυτό . Το BM δεν δημιουργεί προβλήματα ούτε τα λύνει, απλώς τα αποκαλύπτει και τύποι σαν Dane Cross είναι το καλύτερο παράδειγμα όπως και να χει . 

One of the most discussed Black Metal release of this year, couldn’t be left unnoticed.
Certainly black Metal has been set in the music world’s conscience.  This is not necessarily a bad thing. We are not stupid teenagers anymore, nor are we the bad-ass dudes who slaughter the cocks. New avant-garde releases are out massively all the time. Music industry knows for sure that all metalheads are extremely romantic. Even those that are true fans or those transient teens who think of metal as an hormonal episode.
The controversial cases are similar to Sacred Son which are on the cusp.
Sacred Son plays respectable music along with a cover which could have been a photo from vacations on a greek island. He is one hit wonderer and he has set a trap for us? Is it a trick so that he finds a bigger records company? Or is he at the forefront?

We can’t answer all our queries. Of course the old dudes who judge someone as a wuss based on the attitude, can wake up on 2017. Also, if someone tries this way to be promoted isn’t such a bad thing to do. Records have robbed so many artists for years, and it is time we take back whatever we can (from now on you will foot the bill bitches). Something that feels a little weird to me is the artistic field and by that I mean:
I remember that one reason I have loved BM is its dramatic tone. Yes, I liked the corpse paint thing (and it doesn’t repulse me even now), I liked even the mantles and the flaming pentalpha. Also, I always had an argument in late 90’s, when I had words with fellows from other music fields (It’s all about polarization). “Could you wear a tee with a pop or rap idol on it?” The answer is no. The same applies inversely in the case of Sacred Son. Sorry, but I would never wear neither a patch nor anything that has Dane Cross pan on it, it doesn’t matter that he is a good artist. No, it is not a witty cover (I do not refer to how commercial it is), it looks like a common choice of many others. However, I would listen to his music with interest because that’s what matters. But eventually, is my opinion that important?

Substantive is that the outcome is good. It is good to provoke the world. To bring all of the Black Metal society’s complexes to the surface. So many people come to our “world”, they dream and they live. BM doesn’t create any problems but doesn’t resolve any too. It just helps shed light to them. Guys like Dane Cross are the best example. 

Τετάρτη, 30 Αυγούστου 2017



Article written by Barbarie and originally published in Italian at this address: "Come opporsi al fascismo nel metal estremo"

Download the PDF [A5] ready-to-print: 

Very often the extreme / black metal scene has not been the most welcoming place for non-white and/or LGBTQIA people. These people would like to go to black metal concerts and be part of their scene but often don’t feel safe by the consistent presence of racists at gigs and festivals. The heavy presence of racists in Black Metal even produced a completely new and autonomous subgenre: the infamous NSBM, or National Socialist Black Metal.
This pamphlet is just a tool aimed at solving this stifling problem. Boycott has always been a revolutionary tactic: we just need to find a way to use it effectively. First, just for simplicity, we need to divide the problem of nsbm in 2 parts: the bands and the scenes.


  • Openly NS bands like Graveland, Satanic Warmaster, Peste Noire or less popular ones must be hindered and boycotted in every possible way.
  • The boycott shall also include non-NS bands where fascists play. Many NS bands from the 90s has in fact become more intelligent through time and for marketing and political reasons they cleaned their image leaving behind the most obvious nazi paraphernalia. Nokturnal Mortum is a great example of this process: while they are now publicly “apolitical”, their members are still obvious militants or supporters of Ukrainian neo-fascism.
  • We must not tolerate also bands that share the stage with openly NS bands who, despite the severity of racism, claim that they only care for the music or other similar bullshit completely unattached to the material reality. If they care about the music so much, why don’t they make gigs the most welcoming places they can to all kind of people? Contrary to adhering to an ideology of hate – which is a choice someone makes – the conditions you are born into, your traits, your ethnicity or your sexual orientation are not something you choose. Musician, who do you want to play for?


  • Many symbols related to Nazism can be found in artworks: their presence should ring a bell.  
  • The “Hate on Display” project provides a solid database of racist symbols and can be found here
  • It is very likely that someone already discussed online about the ideas of a band and of its members. It is easy to find these info.


Stop fuelling Nazis with our money. Stop buying NSBM albums, merch, stop going to NS-friendly gigs. Who still wants to listen to these bands can download their music illegally, but without publicizing it. Do not ever go to their gigs (apart if planning to picket it as presented in point 1.4 below).


If we organize, we are (of course) more effective.
Make scorched earth around the Nazis.
  • Make effective use of all available connections and even social networks to make pressure on non-NS bands so that they have to take a side and avoid sharing stage with fascists.
  • Pressure must be put also on the organizers of NS concerts and on the people that provide them with a place where to hold them: they must acknowledge who is going to play there, what are the band's stances on anti-semitism, racisms and homophobia and what their members said and did during the years.


The objective is to block and disrupt a concert from taking place.
A few examples of effective antifascist actions:
  • hang up banners, flyers and posters all around the concert venue days before the concert in order to push and distress the owner of the place even more;
  • hand-to-hand flyering is as always a good option too;
  • a picket in front of the place should be organised the day of the gig - if it is possible to deploy enough forces to make the action safe.
These tactics present the biggest risks and should be organised with care and taking any precautions that will make their accomplishment safe from both a physical and a legal perspective..



The places where the scene lives must be kept free from fascists. Ambiguous people must be disambiguated, confrontation is necessary to defend yourself and to keep our spaces safe for everybody to enter and enjoy. Does someone with a Burzum t-shirt walk around our places? Confront him/her and make your move. A panacea solution does not exist, some people should just be warned about the shit they are endorsing, and other ones must be simply kicked out.
It’s now obvious that fascists will not disappear by themselves. We can’t waste time in organizing generic black metal concerts or festivals that just allow people to enjoy themselves one night. The gigs we organize or we attend to, must be more and more explicitly political, clearly antifascist and, in case of black metal, understandably anti-nsbm.


We should not enclose ourselves in our scene: prolific connections can be made "outside" of it. The punk and hardcore scenes are possibly the most antifascist and revolutionary existing ones, many of us are already active members of these scenes or have comrades or friends in them.
As antifascists, we must develop non-sectarian mutual-supportive relationships with those comrades, and, since these scenes have a long and established antifa history, we should learn what they have already developed through time to keep their scenes safe.
If their participants are not aware of what is going on inside the extreme metal scene, or if they have prejudices against it, we should share knowledge with them about the growing anti-racist feeling that is developing in our scene. With the migrant and social crisis deepening, political positions are also taking a more defined shape: taking an antiracist stance has become necessary for everybody that oppose Nazis. The help from these people is necessary.


Our objective is to be able, over time, to blur the distinctions between scenes that share the same values: defending our music, places and concerts from the fascist scum and, ultimately, defeating fascism by kicking out racists from concerts, from scenes, from the world, from the universe.

Download the PDF [A5] ready-to-print: 

Δευτέρα, 26 Ιουνίου 2017

Repressione - Col Sangue Agli Occhi

Genre: Hardcore punk/ powerviolence

Country Of Origin: Bologna (Emilia Romagna, Italy)


1. Guerra Alla Città
2. Huye Hombre
3. Cieli Di Piombo ( feat Max from Contrasto Hc)
4. The Game (INFEST cover)
5. I Giorni Dell'Ira
6. Col Sangue Agli Occhi (feat Afshin from OhxCristo)
7. Colpo Su Colpo (feat Vale from XCenereX)
8. Macho Free Zone
9. About To Crack (Vitamin X cover)
10. Happy Time (xLIEx)


"Col Sangue Agli Occhi", the new album of the Bologna band Repressione, is to be included in the context of the social changes that are taking place in this historic moment. The Spectacle is moving forward, and under its tentacles Western cities increasingly assume the character of a metropolis , becoming a product and an item consumable by those who pass through it. It is from this awareness that we can start to fully understand the message of their texts: a world that increasingly has dystopian characters, where advance the gentrification, the homologation and social domestication. With faster sonorities, arriving to powerviolence risonances (with the cover of groups such as Infest, xLiex and Vitamin X, give an idea of ​​the development to where their style tends to go) and more and more sharp texts, Repression offer a breakdown of this daily life of oppression and domination, seeking through their own music to create a politic consciousness and a community of intentions that can break with the existing, creating affinities and tugging moments of joy. It is the scream of those who try to revolt and escape from a suffocating reality, breaking the cage in which we are confined, stuffed with alienation in the cyclicity of the present; is the humus from which born stories of a struggle to attack the sky and reappear their own lives armed of their anger. The album also sees the collaborations with members of other groups of the Italian hardcore scene such as OhxCristo (in the track "Col Sangue Agli Occhi"), Contrasto (in the track "Cieli di Piombo") and XCenereX (in the track "Colpo su Colpo"). With this work the Repressione continues to overcome themselves, continuing with the attitude of always building an imaginary tense to subvert the present, while we wait under a plumbean sky the rain that can corrodates the chains that oppress us, to finally pass the attack.

Σάββατο, 17 Ιουνίου 2017

Path to Ixtab / Asmodie – Split (2017)

Country of Origin : Greece (Athens)

Genre: Black Metal/ Black- Death Metal

Tracklisting :

1. Path to Ixtab - Roam upon the World
2. Path to Ixtab - Where All Rivers Run Dry                          
3. Path to Ixtab - Lucifer's Lust                   
4. Asmodie - Desecrate My Enemies                      
5. Asmodie - Eternal                      
6. Asmodie - Dark Rites                
7. Asmodie - Elixir of Iniquity

Oι Path to Ixtab καθώς και οι Asmodie είναι από τις μπάντες που θυμίζουν πολλά σχήματα του δεύτερου κύματος του Black Metal που γουστάρουμε. Οι μεν Path.. δείχνουν να συνεργάζονται πολύ καλά. Τα “πιο” Death φωνητικά και οι low tempo drums συνθέσεις μας γυρνάνε 20+ χρόνια πίσω. Οι δε Asmodie ,είναι το πειραματικό solo-debut του Σεραφείμ με λίγο πιο Black Stoner αισθητική παρόμοιου ύφους των Ιxtab. Τα κομμάτια έχουν καλές ιδέες αλλά στην εκτέλεση λίγο πιο μπερδεμένες. Διαλέγετε και παίρνετε.

The Path to Ixtab and the Asmodie as well, are the bands that familiarize a lot with the second wave of Black Metal, we enjoy a lot. The Path show that they co-operate very well. The real Death vocals and the low tempo drums compositions travel us more than 20 years in the back in time. The Asmodie are the experiment solo-debut of Seraphim having Black Stoner aesthetics, similar of the Ixtab. All the tracks have good ideas but they are a bit confusing when performing. Choose and take