The Dark Skies Above Us

The Dark Skies Above Us

Παρασκευή, 24 Μαΐου 2019

Steelfest 2019: Nazi bands in Hyvinkää city facilites

A comrade from Collective kindly translated this article from Finnish to English :

"The largest black metal festival in Finland, Steelfest, will once more be held may 17th-18th 2019 at the Hyvinkään Villatehdas premises, owned by the city of Hyvinkää (a city that is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area). The festival has been arranged since 2012 and attract about 1500 daily visitors. Throughout the years, the festival has booked several NSBM bands and groups with far-right connections, such as Goatmoon, Kroda, Temnozor, Nokturnal Mortum and Peste Noire. This year they have booked Seigneur Voland, Evil, Kroda, Marduk, Mgla, Horna, Antimateria, Morgal and Kalmankantaja.
Steelfest is arranged by Steel LS Oy, a firm run by metalhead Jani Laine. Steelfest have also been arranging a smaller festival called Steelchaos since 2016, held at the Nosturi club in Helsinki. Steelchaos has also been notorious for booking bands with far-right connections; Bizarre Uproar, Marduk, Ride for Revenge and Deströyer 666. Steelfest also co-operate with distros, record labels and shops that represent NSBM and the far-right subcultures of Finland – Horror Shop, Werewolf Records and the KVLT Shop.
By continuously booking NSBM bands, artists and actors that co-operate with Steelfest are supplying fascist subcultures, actively legitimizing their politics and bringing them into the mainstream. It is time to say no to this. Contact Hyvinkää city council and the other business partners of Steelfest and tell them that this normalization of far-right ideology and economical support to open fascists cannot continue.
The business partners of Steelfest are:
  • The city of Hyvinkää (the city council decide who can rent and use their facilities)
  • Hyvinkään Villatehdas. (the festival area)
  • Hotelli Sveitsi and Scandic Hotel Hyvinkää (accomodation for bands and visitors)
  • Pohjoispuiston koulu & Tapainlinnan koulu (accomodation for bands and visitors)
  • Bar Crafters (a Hyvinkää pub where the preparty is held)
  • Kulkukoira (a bus company that arrange the festival transportation)
  • ELMU ry. (a Helsinki music association that run Nosturi, the venue where the Steelchaos events are arranged)
Do you have previously unknown or unpublished info about the Finnish nazi music subculture, their secret venues or central figures within the scene? Please contact us on varistoimitus (at)"

Δευτέρα, 20 Μαΐου 2019

Well done RABM

Sadly we are here on these lines with a very bad new.
It takes us to get focus on what happened to rabm.blogspot.
Rabm closed and moved to reddit.
People that had it in time succeded and the one who get on now decided, without telling anything to the others, to close it.
This is a proprietaristic behavior that nothing has to do with us, cause some of us are writer on rabm blog and we don't have no more access to our blog.
 Years of contents fade away.
A lighthouse for everyone, a space to start conflictuality.
Reddit is a social and doesn't have the autonomy of our blog, like it was in the past before deleting it.
Bands continue sending mails cause they still believe in it.
We don't give up and don't draw back anything. Rabm blog lives in our hearts and we will continue on this journey

The Dark Skies Collective

Κυριακή, 12 Μαΐου 2019

"We can pay tribute to Hitler properly": in Milan a gathering of the Nazi black metal scene.

M. runs his hand through his long brown hair. The tall man with a black leather jacket looks his girlfriend in the eyes and kisses her. 
Right beside them a group of men yells “Sieg Heil!” and raises their right arm to the stage. The love-blinded couple does not seem to mind at all – they’re not here by chance.
As the glorification of national socialism is not forbidden by law in many European countries (in contrast to Austria), many right-wing extremists pilgrimage to other countries. 
On 13. April 2019 one hundred right-wing extremist metal fans met up in Milan, celebrated the “Third Reich” and made fun of the (homicides of the) Holocaust. Along them many Austrians – on the stage, a Viennese.
The design-week shapes the townscape of Milan during these days. Furniture and home interiors are displayed throughout the town, the streets of the city are full of tourists despite of the bad weather. It's hard to imagine what is happening a few subway stations from the centre away. Since years, the right-wing extremist scene organises neonazistic events without second thoughts. Often, Italian Nazis keep by themselves. During the last weekend, right-wing extremists Metal-friends travelled from all over Europe to Italy, to live out what they cannot in their homecountry: "Mal ordentlich abhitlern.", "at last we can pay tribute to Hitler properly".
Who listens to Metal with a political consciousness, knows about disputes about the right-wing part of the genre, about bands like Böhsen Onkelz or Frei.Wild. The German band Rammstein, which provokes with NS-allusions, brought up discussions with their latest Holocaust-Fantasy-Video. In the broad spectrum of metal right-wing extremism might be an edge-phenomenon but in the subgenre of Black Metal antisemitism and racism are not a problem one could ignore.

Bernhard Weidinger of the Document Archive of the Austrian Resistance (DÖW) says, that the musical supply of the right-wing got more diverse in the last decades. "Earlier there was mostly right-wing rock, but today Neonazis find products in almost any musical genre." This serves as recruitment of new people, but also to finance fascist projects.

[Subtitle: "Total annihilation": Commercial subject for a neonazi musical project from Austria.] [The text in the picture says: "Eight new songs of Total Annihilation; as limited 444 Edition Digipack. "Burial by fire" and the crematorium awaits you! The first 44 copies come with a shirt* and a patch.

The "Hot Shower Festival" in Milan is held regularly. The title deliberately triggers associations with National Socialistic gas chambers. The festivals advertisement brims with references to the erstwhile Naziterror, be there a collage of a PoC-athlete who follows a sign in the direction "Hot Shower", comic strip figures which raise their right hands for a Roman salute or drawings of Ku-Klux-Klan-men in white robes.
To take part at this Festival isn't difficult. The event is publicly advertised on Facebook yet the location is kept a secret after the announcement. Only a few hours before the beginning of the event, the locations address is revealed through an encrypted chat. During the days which precede the festival, the organizers post pictures of swastikas and antisemitic jokes. The relatively easy access to the festival is a particularly rewarding formula for the success of the neonazi event, as Moritz Eluek observer of the right-wing scene knows. The "Hot Shower" is less conspiratorial than similar concerts in Germany or Austria, producing a kind of excitement for a bigger event, says the correspondent of the "Anitfaschistischen Infoblatts" (antifascist information paper). Even outsiders of the scene find a possibility to join the scene. At the entrance of Via Vincenzo Toffetti nr. 75, in the southern industrial part of Milan, attendees have to show the contents of their bag and they are checked for cameras: taking pictures or videos is strongly forbidden.
The inside of the venue shows why there are no pictures allowed: Hundreds right-wing extremists celebrate ear-splitting loud black metal and National Socialist activities**. On the line-up there are eight pertinent bands; their names are explicit: "Sturmführer", "Blutkult", and "Gestapo666". Also "Rostorchester", the project of the Vienesse Vedran M., is well-known in the scene. M.s skills on guitar are praised but his ability to write lyrics is criticised even by his bandmates. Years ago his Black-Metal-Soloproject "Totale Vernichtung" generated some noise - not because of the music, but because of the lyrics. Short example: "Soon the time has come, when your breath seizes quickly and you run up the chimney. The cleansing Zyklon [cyclone, but he really means Zyklon B] follows an ashy wind." With lines like this, in 2015 M.s’ album got put up on the index for youth-endangering music in Germany. Eluek knows the scene well, he says: "Everybody in the scene knows neo-nazis are playing the instruments." In fact, Vedran M. calls himself "der Stacheldrahtzieher" (“barbed wire puller”). The promotional material for for his albums portrays the barracks and fences of concentration Camps.
Just before 8 p.m. M. enters the stage with high-laced boots. His hair covers most of his face, he’s focused while playing the guitar. Beside him his bandmate Sven B, singer of "Rostorchester", a well-known neo-nazi from Switzerland. The music is loud, the sound is bad. With their bandmates M. and B. they psych the audience up, which shows their approval with loud "Sieg Heil!"-shouts, instead of applauses. Vedran M knew what could expect from the festival, as he attended it as part of the audience in 2016. Videos of the 2016 edition showed what happened there, until they were removed from Youtube probably because of the apology to Nazism. As insiders reported recently, at M.s first gig in Switzerland, similar "celebrations" were held.
Covering the role of security to the left and right of the stage, a group of "Hammerskins" (member of “Lealtà Azione”, an italian neo-nazi organization n.d.r.) keep up law and order - or what they think it means. The "Hammerskins Italia" are recognizable by their uniform shoulder-patches: two crossed hammers in front of a cogwheel in the colours black, white and red - the flag-colors of the German Reich. The "Hammerskins" are a worldwide acting neo-nazi underground organisation, with strict hierarchical organisations, and a devotion to the "Pureness of the White Race". Bernhard Weidinger (Austrian Resistance/DÖW) calls the "Hammerskins" as a "party with a high readiness to be violent and plenty of criminal activities". The audience sticks to the ban of photos and movies. Moritz Eluek says that promoters of neo-nazi concerts in Italy can't get around the "Hammerskins". "It's like with racketeering: If you don't share, you'll get harassed and attacked." The promoters of the "Hot Shower Festival" do not only finance themselves, but militant neo-nazi organisations as well.
Only a few meters from the stage there is the merchandising area where you can find records and printed merchandise, patches or jewellery. Almost every table has articles with Swastikas. A shirt portrays the slogan "Refugees welcome" above the view of the entrance to the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. There you can buy pictures of Adolf Hitler and other Nazi-leaders, as well as neo-fascist magazines, flags and CDs titled "Rassenhass" or "Antisemitex". A flag is hoisted after the appearance of Vedran M.s band in the audience: the red flag with a swastika. Some people carry it around for about 15 minutes and incite the drunken pack to shout together "Sieg Heil!". The "Hammerskins" watch.
While such behaviour would draw hard penalties in Austria, there are no consequences from Italian authorities. The DÖW thinks that Austrian citizens who practice such activities abroad should be persecuted by Austrian authorities if they become aware of it. Vedran M. do not have to fear such persecutions. Contacted online he refused to comment on his neo-nazi activites.

Πέμπτη, 2 Μαΐου 2019

Τετάρτη, 7 Νοεμβρίου 2018

[EN] Taake: nazi scum out from our cities - death to fascism!

Norwegian band Taake is touring Italy and will play in Rome on the 7th of November, the 8th in Bari, the 9th in Bologna and the 10th in Vercelli. They already played on the 19th of October in Milan.

This black metal band time after time became famous for many terrible actions¹: in Germany, in 2007, their singer Hoest (mastermind of the project) went on the stage with a svastika painted on his chest. Hoest answered to the scandal that followed saying that: "we are not nazis, it was a provocation" followed by "that subhuman" of the organizer "could make a blowjob to a muslim" since he interrupted the gig. 
More recently Hoest went on the stage of various gigs with a shirt showing a sign of ban upon the islamic moon and star.

Orkan, a song from 2011², contains a message that tells to Mohamed and all the muslims to go to hell. In the same song they speak about christianity as a dishonour, something that would have weakened "our pagan people", following the genre cliché. This ridicolous super partes attitude get betrayed after a few seconds, since Hoest says that the European people are a compact block of sleeping pagans that has to free itself of the christianity just to prepare a defence against invasion "for it smoulders in after wartimes" coming from another people, the oriental and muslim people. The West has to "sharp again the axes" because the winter sun rises from the West for the "pigs that burn our flag": "Iron against iron, Norway wake up soon"

That feeling when "non-nazis" wave the Norway flag while promoting the ethnic war.

Since when it rains, it pours, in 2015 the members of Young and in the Way, a band in tour with Taake, got accused by three people of sexual assault³ and got banned by various festivals. One of the victims wrote to Hoest asking him to reconsider their collaboration with the rapists during the tour. His answer was: "We don't care, keep this drama off the internet". YaitW disbanded shortly after since they cannot manage the scandal. 

Behind the Italian tour, other than Nighttime Production, we have a local label: Nihil Production, always on the first line organizing NSBM events. It promoted different editions of the "Black winter fest" (that will be in Parma again on the 1st of December) as well as the "Hammer of the Gods", a festival that hosted various clearly fascist or greyzone bands, like Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum, Satanic Warmaster and Ad Hominem.

We, black metal listeners, want the gigs and the places of our city to not welcome the racist, sexist and fascist scum. We want, on the contrary, this scum to not be able to find spaces and the musical scene to be welcoming to any ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
Places like Traffic in Rome, Alchemica in Bologna, Demodé in Bari and Officine Sonore in Vercelli, have to take on their responsibility to know which kind of bands and people are hosting.
In the same way the supporting bands like Enisum, Selvans, Dewfall and Kyterion won't be able to difend themselves under the flag of the "music is just music" slogan. If you play with mysoginist, racist and nazis people, you are collaborating with them.

In 2018 a mobilitation in North America led to a cancellation of the whole Taake U.S.A. tour, showing that it's possible to move against the nazis that are pesting the scene and to win against them.

Take TAAKE out of our cities

Death to fascism!

Σάββατο, 3 Νοεμβρίου 2018

[IT] Fuori i TAAKE dalle nostre città - Morte al fascismo!

[scarica questo contenuto in PDF per la stampa]

La band norvegese Taake è in tour in Italia e suonerà il 7 novembre a Roma, l'8 a Bari, il 9 a Bologna ed il 10 a Vercelli, dopo la data del 19 ottobre a Milano.

Questa band black metal nel tempo si è resa famosa per varie iniziative disgustose¹: in Germania nel 2007 il cantante Hoest (mente del progetto) si è presentato sul palco con una svastica dipinta sul petto; allo scandalo che ne è conseguito, Hoest ha risposto dicendo: "noi non siamo nazisti, era una provocazione" per poi aggiungere che "quel subumano" dell'organizzatore dell'evento "poteva fare un pompino a un mussulmano" dal momento che costui aveva interrotto il concerto.
Più recentemente Hoest si è presentato a più concerti con una maglia che mostra la luna e la stella islamiche barrate.

Orkan, un brano del 2011², contiene un passaggio in cui invita Maometto e i mussulmani ad andare all'inferno. Nello stesso brano si riferiscono alla cristianità come a un disonore che avrebbe indebolito "i nostri popoli pagani", come da luogo comune del genere. Questa farsesca aria super partes viene tradita nel giro di pochi secondi, dato che per Hoest i popoli europei sarebbero un blocco compatto di pagani dormienti che deve scrollarsi la cristianità di dosso per difendersi dall'invasione "covata dopo i tempi di guerra" di un altro popolo, quello orientale e mussulmano. L'occidente deve "affilare di nuovo le asce", perché il sole d'inverno sorge ad ovest per i "maiali che bruciano la nostra bandiera": "Ferro contro ferro Norvegia svegliati presto".

Strano vedere sventolare la bandiera norvegese da “non nazisti” che invocano la guerra etnica.

Per aggiungere schifo allo schifo nel 2015 i membri di "Young and in the Way", una band in tour con i Taake, sono stati accusati da 3 persone diviolenza sessuale³ e la loro presenza esclusa da vari festival. Una delle vittime ha scritto ad Hoest chiedendogli di riconsiderare la lorocollaborazione nel tour⁴. La sua risposta: “non ce ne frega un cazzo, tieni queste stronzate fuori da Internet". La band incriminata si è successivamente sciolta, travolta dallo scandalo.

Ad organizzare il concerto, oltre alla Nighttime Production, abbiamo un'etichetta nostrana: la Nihil Production, da sempre in prima linea nel proporre eventi legati all'NSBM (national-socialist black metal). Si è fatta promotrice di varie edizioni del «Black Winter Fest» (che ritornerà il primo dicembre a Parma) e dell’«Hammer of the Gods», festival che hanno visto la partecipazione di band conclamatamente fasciste o ambigue, quali Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum, Satanic Warmaster, Ad Hominem.

Noi che ascoltiamo black metal vogliamo che i concerti e i locali nelle nostre città non accolgano la feccia razzista, sessista e fascista. Desideriamo al contrario che i bigotti non trovino spazi e che la scena musicale accolga le persone di qualsiasi etnia e le persone di qualsiasi genere e orientamento sessuale.
I locali quali il Traffic di Roma, l'Alchemica di Bologna, il Demodé di Bari e le Officine Sonore di Vercelli devono assumersi la responsabilità di sapere a che genere di band e persone stanno dando spazio.
Allo stesso modo le band di spalla quali Enisum, Selvans, Dewfall e Kyterion non potranno difendersi dietro alla bandiera de "la musica è solo musica": se suonate con dei misogini razzisti e nazisti, state collaborando con loro.

Nel 2018 una mobilitazione in Nordamerica ha prodotto la cancellazione⁵ dell'intero tour statunitense dei Taake, a dimostrazione del fatto che muovere contro i nazi che appestano la scena e vincere è possibile.

[scarica questo contenuto in PDF per la stampa]

Fuori i TAAKE dalle nostre città

Morte al fascismo!

Τετάρτη, 7 Μαρτίου 2018

It's time to bring things to a close

Three years passed since what we call "The Dark Skies Above Us Collective" got this name.
At beginning everything seemed great, benefits gone well and there was also a show.
Finally we released a fanzine.
Support this project, print it and share it everywhere.

Special thanks goes to: M., S., L., and every person who did something or simply joined the koll.

Special mention goes to everyone who still struggle against nazis shit:
Rete Antifascista Brescia


Rabm blogspot

Fuck peste noire

Action Antifa 74

This is not a farewell. We will never give up.